About Us


Who we are ?

We are a company of young entrepreneurs seeking to provide online presence and marketing strategies for Sozopol`s local businesses, and at the same time to provide valuable information about these businesses to our visitors, which we turn into paying customers for the local business.

What is our mission ?

Our main mission  is to Provide useful and accurate information about Sozopol`s local businesses to our visitors. We also share some local knowledge about things you can do in our town like cultural events, beautiful places to explore and sunny beaches to enjoy the summer. At the same time we provide online marketing for the local businesses by using some of the best modern tools and practices. Click bellow to see all of our advertising options.



What services do we provide ?

By signing up with one of our feautured plans you can benefit of our online marketing tools which connect you with our visitors and turn them into your customers. We also use strategies like paid ad campaigns, google ads, banner spaces, booking, map navigation to the address of your business,  events calendar and  more to give our users and clients the best benefits and the best experience when using this website.